Football Helmet Reconditioning

Reconditioning & NOCSAE Recertification

Reconditioning service includes:

  • Clean, Sanitize and Inspect Helmet and Face-mask, including Shell, Interior Liner Parts and Components
  • Replace hardware any missing or defective parts, as necessary, to meet NOCSAE standards (cost of replacement parts extra)
  • Certify helmet with new NOCSAE certification label

If your helmet cannot meet the NOCSAE Recertification Standards, it will be rejected.

If your rejected helmet is covered under the manufactures warranty, we are happy to coordinate with the manufacturer for a replacement on your behalf. (expect delays in these cases). Please refer to NOCSAE for additional information on Reconditioning Standards for Football Helmets.

Available Options:

  • Facemask Upgrade or Replacement , Chinstrap, Jaw-Pads 
  • Paint helmet to your Team Colors

Please refer to our About Reconditioning page for additional information.

Base Price:

$ 69.50

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