In an industry serving young athletes exposed to a high risk of injury, we understand that education and training—as well as staying current with evolving technology—are all crucial parts of what we do. We believe that player safety always comes first, and are strong advocates for concussion training for coaches, parents and athletes.

Every piece of equipment that comes through our door has a player attached to it—their safety is our primary concern.

Our History

Now operational for over 70 years, Continental Athletic Supply is the oldest operating athletic reconditioning company in the Western United States.

Continental Athletic Supply was a charter member of the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA), beginning in 1974, and our owner Brud served as president for 2 terms.

Brud also served as a representative on the National Operating Committee on Standards of Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), the organization that sets the standards for athletic equipment.

Our California operational facility consists of a 30,000 square foot working plant, 20,000 square feet of warehouse buildings and over 45 employees seasonally.

Our Founder

Brud Soares

Brud Soares
Founder, Owner

Owner Brud Soares has loved the sport of football for as long as he can remember. From playing to coaching and at the heart of his company, football has been integrated somehow throughout his life. After spending his childhood in Gridley and graduating college from Chico State University, he married his wife, Martha and took over his father's dry cleaning business in town. He recognized a need when several athletic teams in the area were coming to him to repair their uniforms and other athletic equipment.

In 1966, Brud and partner Walter Swanson, acquired Continental Athletic Supply, a company which had been operating in Belmont, California for 20 years. The two of them relocated the company to Gridley, California, where it has since remained.