A standard reconditioning order takes approximately 15 business days to complete. However, May through August is our busiest time of year, and orders submitted during these months could take 8+ weeks to complete. While we do our best to get your equipment back to you quickly, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a return date. To avoid long wait times, we highly recommend sending your helmet in immediately after your season is over!

  • Payment is not due at checkout, but must be received before your item(s) can be returned. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Continental Athletic Supply uses UPS Ground Service to ship your helmet back to you. Shipping costs will apply.
  • After reconditioning, all helmets must be refit to the individual user. Please see manufacturer instructions for proper maintenance and fitting Instructions: Xenith, Schutt, Riddell

Rejected Equipment:

Effective 9/1/2011, NAERA will not recondition/recertify any football helmet 10 years of age or older, as determined by the manufacturers date on the helmet.

If your helmet cannot meet the NOCSAE Recertification Standards, it will be rejected. Helmets can be rejected for many reasons, including age, cracks or deformities or failing to pass the NOCSAE drop test. If your rejected helmet is covered under the manufacturer's warranty, we are happy to coordinate with them for a replacement on your behalf (expect delays in these cases). A $10.00 inspection charge and any applicable shipping charges will apply.

For more information on safety equipment reconditioning standards please see the NOCSAE and NAERA websites.